Program Management and Managerial Economics (MMEE)

At the Faculty of Business Administration, we offer a four-year doctoral program in Management and Managerial Economics. The basic duties of doctoral students result from the Study and Examination Regulations, the main duties are described in the Individual Study Plan created on the basis of the Measures N09/2019 of 15th October 2019, taken by the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA), the Prague University of Economics and Business, on further obligations of PhD students (hereinafter PhD Student Standard) (available for download below).

The study plan of the Management and Managerial Economics program consists of three areas, which are 1) study obligations, 2) research and publishing activities and 3) other obligations (research internship abroad, teaching, obtaining points for other activities and outputs). These areas are described below under the FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We also recommend that you thoroughly read the answers to frequently asked questions regarding doctoral studies (study content, financial support, necessary administration, state exam, colloquia and defenses, etc.), which are available here.

1. Study obligations

Study obligations include the successful completion of:

More information with regard to study obligations can be found here.

2. Research and publishing activities

Within their studies, doctoral students are required to conduct scientific research activities related to the their dissertations, consisting of participation in research projects and presentations of achieved results in the form of journal publications and conference papers. Publishing-related obligations are described in the requirements set out in the PhD Student Standard (available for download below). For individual publication outputs, the doctoral student must again obtain at least the defined number of points.

Among the doctoral student’s publications, there must be at least one peer-reviewed scientific article published (or accepted for publication) in a journal indexed in Scopus or Web of Science database,  where the doctoral student is the first author.

More information with regard to research and publishing activities can be found here.

3. Other obligations (research internship abroad, teaching, obtaining points for other activities and outputs)

The research obligations of doctoral students include completing a research internship at a foreign institution for a total period of at least one month or participating in an international project with results published or presented abroad or participating in another form of direct participation in international research cooperation.

Full-time doctoral students participate in teaching no later than in the second year in an average of 4 teaching hours per week (average is calculated for the academic year), have consultation hours of at least 2 hours per week, participate in undergraduate and graduate students’ testing, lead and review bachelor’s theses, and review diploma theses.

During their studies, students collect points for successfully completed courses and seminars and for publication outputs. Doctoral students must have a certain number of points at the end of the relevant year:

  • 1st year min. 10 points
  • 2nd year min. 30 points
  • 3rd year min. 60 points
  • and at the end of the 4th year min. 100 points.

Points can be obtained in two ways: a maximum of 50 points can be obtained for the so-called drivers, within which PhD student builds his/her research competencies or obtains resources for own research, and a minimum of 50 points for publication outputs. Specific point values ​​are given in the PhD Student Standard. More information on this area can be found here.