Dissertation Topics



Arts Management Entrepreneurship HR Management
Logistics Management Marketing
Managerial Economics Strategy Managerial Psychology and Sociology


Arts Management

doc. Ing. Jiří Patočka, CSc. Management of cultural events and festivals in the setting of historic buildings jiri.patocka@vse.cz
Transformation of structure, management and financing of interpretative culture into new forms in the Czech Republic after 1989 jiri.patocka@vse.cz
Role of audio-visual industries in creative sectors in the Czech Republic jiri.patocka@vse.cz
doc. Ing. František Drozen, CSc. Methodology and techniques for evaluation cultural goods in economic practice of galeries of art frantisek.drozen@vse.cz
Methodology of economic evaluation of cultural institution frantisek.drozen@vse.cz



prof. Ing. Mgr. Martin Lukeš, PhD. Insecurity, risks and precarious aspects in the early phase of startup developmen martin.lukes@vse.cz
Decision making of private investors and/or venture capital on investments in startups martin.lukes@vse.cz
doc. Ing. Ondřej Dvouletý, PhD. MSc. Heterogeneous effects of public entrepreneurship and SME policies based on firm characteristics ondrej.dvoulety@vse.cz
Economic effects of non-financial support of entrepreneurship ondrej.dvoulety@vse.cz
Economic sustainability of social enterprises and their drivers ondrej.dvoulety@vse.cz
Motivation and life-style of various types of entrepreneurs ondrej.dvoulety@vse.cz
Crowdfunding as a way how to finance a business start-up and its growth ondrej.dvoulety@vse.cz
doc. Ing. Miroslav Špaček, PhD. Business model innovation miroslav.spacek@vse.cz


HR Management

doc. Ing. Marie Dohnalová, CSc. Managing diversity and equality in the workplace marie.dohnalova@vse.cz
Age diversity and its impact on HR management marie.dohnalova@vse.cz
HR Management in social enterprises marie.dohnalova@vse.cz
doc. Ing. Otakar Němec, CSc. HRM in the digital age (industry 4.0) nemeco@vse.cz
HRM in specific organizational structures or situations nemeco@vse.cz



doc. Ing. Petr Kolář, Ph.D. Challenges and potential of Logistics 4.0 – 4th industrial revolution in the field of freight distribution (policy, education, digitalization) and B2B sharing economy petr.kolar@vse.cz
Sustainable logistics and its dynamics, potential and issues in the intermodal transport industry – transport management, industry parties and markets petr.kolar@vse.cz
Transformation of Supply Chain Management in the area of digitalization and automation petr.kolar@vse.cz



doc. Ing. Petr Houdek, Ph.D. Choice Architecture in Organizations: Tools for improving decision making and information processing by employees and managers petr.houdek@vse.cz
Business Ethics: Field and Laboratory Research of Cheating and Deception petr.houdek@vse.cz
Why organizations fail? Studies focused on decision-making errors and biases and/or defective organizational designs petr.houdek@vse.cz
doc. Ing. Oto Potluka, Ph.D. Evaluation as a management tool in public sector oto.potluka@vse.cz
Management of foundations oto.potluka@vse.cz
doc. Ing. Ludmila Mládková, Ph.D. Knowledge management a Systemic approach to management of organisation ludmila.mladkova@vse.cz



doc. Ing. Miroslav Karlíček, PhD. Improving market orientation of companies and other organizations miroslav.karlicek@vse.cz
Evaluation of marketing performance in companies and other organizations miroslav.karlicek@vse.cz
doc. Ing. Václav Stříteský, PhD. Multichannel retail strategy vaclav.stritesky@vse.cz
doc. Mgr. Radek Tahal, Ph.D. Customer loyalty and related marketing tools radek.tahal@vse.cz
doc. Mgr. Zuzana Chytková, Ph.D. Collaborative market activities of consumers and small independent farmers zuzana.chytkova@vse.cz


Managerial Economics

doc. Jan Čadil, PhD Human capital and economic growth – theoretical background and empirical findings jan.cadil@vse.cz
R&D, competitiveness and  economic growth – theoretical background and empirical findings jan.cadil@vse.cz
Equal pay for equal job – methodology led differences jan.cadil@vse.cz
doc. Ing. Tomáš Pavelka, PhD Minimal wage as a tool of economic policy tomas.pavelka@vse.cz
Labor market flexibility tomas.pavelka@vse.cz
Reasons for low wages in the Czech Republic in comparison with member countries of Eurozone tomas.pavelka@vse.cz
doc. Ing. Vít Pošta, PhD The influence of economic cycle on financial situation of firms vit.posta@vse.cz
Structural unemployment: estimates and determinants vit.posta@vse.cz
Factors of household savings rate: the role of precautionary savings vit.posta@vse.cz
Return on financial assets and jump processes vit.posta@vse.cz
prof. Ing. Jindřich Soukup, CSc. Effects of budgetary and monetary policy in selected segments of the economy. jindrich.soukup@vse.cz
Expected economic consequences of technological development at the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century (fourth industrial revolution). jindrich.soukup@vse.cz
doc. Ing. Šárka Laboutková, Ph.D. Formal and informal institutions sarka.laboutkova@vse.cz
Information (in)efficiency of the market economy sarka.laboutkova@vse.cz
Macro-environment and business sarka.laboutkova@vse.cz
doc. Ing. Marek Hudík, Ph.D. Institutional change marek.hudik@vse.cz
Institution, coordination, and conflict marek.hudik@vse.cz



prof. Ing. Jiří Hnilica, Ph.D Family as an asset in family businesses jiri.hnilica@vse.cz
Emotions and decision-making in family businesses jiri.hnilica@vse.cz
doc. Ing. et Ing. Ondřej Machek, Ph.D., MBA Financial and investment decisions in family firms ondrej.machek@vse.cz
The effects of family dynamics on business strategy and behavior ondrej.machek@vse.cz
Social capital and innovation strategy ondrej.machek@vse.cz
doc. Ing. Vladimír Hönig, Ph.D. et Ph.D. Business strategy in the hydrogen energy sector vladimir.honig@vse.cz
Business strategy and electromobility vladimir.honig@vse.cz
Renewable energy sources, circular economy and their influence on business strategy vladimir.honig@vse.cz
Strategy and development of circular economy in the conditions of companies in the Czech Republic vladimir.honig@vse.cz
prof. Ing. Jindřich Špička, Ph.D. Succession process in family firms with the emphasis on family farms jindrich.spicka@vse.cz
Collaborative market-driving strategy in agribusiness jindrich.spicka@vse.cz
doc. Ing. et Ing. Josef Krause Environmental aspects in business strategy josef.krause@vse.cz
doc. Ing. Aleš Kubíček, Ph.D. Strategic orientations of family firms ales.kubicek@vse.cz
Intragroup conflicts in family firms ales.kubicek@vse.cz
Multifamily firms ales.kubicek@vse.cz
Prof. Ing. Luboš Smrčka, CSc. Economic particularities of management of private enterprises in cultural sectors lubos.smrcka@vse.cz


Managerial Psychology and Sociology

doc.  PhDr. Ing. Eva Jarošová, Ph.D. Leadership development (programs, methods, transfer of learning) eva.jarosova2@vse.cz
doc. PhDr. Daniela Pauknerová, Ph.D. The effects of leadership style on employee well-being daniela.pauknerova@vse.cz
Stress management, burnout and employee well-being in organizations daniela.pauknerova@vse.cz