Program Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

At the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA), we offer a three-year combined Doctor of Business Administration (hereinafter referred to as “DBA“) program. The DBA is a “professional doctorate”, the main characteristic of which is the acquisition of deep knowledge and the use of the principles in scientific work, especially scientific research methodology, to solve a complex problem of the company or economic practice.

The program is designed for managers with a minimum experience of 5 years (in exceptional cases of 3 years), of which at least a partial experience has been in a managerial position, and professionals who need to use the principles of applied management research to solve practical problems. The program is carried out in English and is completed by obtaining the title “DBA” and a diploma from the Prague University of Economics and Business. Prerequisite for entry into the program is also a Master’s degree or an MBA degree.

The study plan of the DBA program consists of three areas, which are Study obligations, Requirements for research and creative activities and Other obligations (obtaining points for other professional activities and outputs). These areas are described below. Teaching takes place online or in a hybrid form, through modules, in the range of min. 112 pedagogical hours of direct teaching. Another minimum of 78 hours consists of individual consultations with the supervisor or other designated mentors. Self-study and independent creative work take place in the range of about 1000 hours.

Why to study our DBA Program? Have a look HERE. To submit an application, please use our online Application Form. In case you have any questions, please see for the responsible contact person below.

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Program

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Program Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
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