Study obligations of the Doctor of Business Administration program

The study obligations of the DBA program include the completion of:


Students complete a compulsory course within the DBA studies:

Methodology of scientific research for DBA


Based on the supervisor’s recommendation, the student also chooses the following:

– at least one of the two compulsory elective courses Management for DBA and Economics of Business and Industry for DBA

– at least one of the two compulsory elective courses Quantitative Research for the DBA and Qualitative Research for the DBA

– at least one of the nine department-guaranteed courses Business Research for DBA, Strategy Research for DBA, Marketing Research for DBA, Management and Managerial Decision Research for DBA, Art Management Research for DBA, HR Management Research for DBA, Supply Chain Management Research, Logistics and Transportation for the DBA, Research in Managerial Psychology and Sociology for the DBA and Research in Managerial Economics for the DBA.


Another study obligation is the successful completion of two faculty colloquia, at the end of the first and second year. You can learn more about individual colloquia here.


During the study, the student is obliged to obtain 70 points, out of which 20 can be obtained through the study of other subjects, seminars, professional workshops. Specifically, in the study area, the following points are to be met:

– completion of another doctoral course for DBA at FBA: 10 points

– completion of other methodological and similar seminars: 2 points / day

– participation in the FBA research club: 1 point