How to Apply / Admissions

Admissions are open! Apply now!

Current round of Admissions: To become a Ph.D. student, the first step is to submit an application and provide a set of documents (see details below). The second step is to pass the entrance exam in June 2021 (for the 2021/2022 academic year – start of studies: mid-September 2021). Due to the extraordinary situation related to COVID-19, for applicants from abroad, the Faculty of Business Administration offers the option to participate in the entrance exam remotely.

Next round of Admissions: September 15 – October 31, 2021; Exam in the first half of November (for the 2022 academic year – start of studies: mid-February 2022).

Admissions – Step by Step Guide

  1. Submit an application form electronically via InSIS (see the webpage The system will be open in April and May 2021.
  2. Pay an administrative application fee for admission procedure – 50 EUR – (particular information will be automatically sent after sending the application). After sending the application, the applicant will receive the account number and variable symbol, which are needed for payment. These will be sent to the email address given in his/her applications. The application fee is to be remitted by postal order or bank transfer only. Please note that all costs connected with making the payment must be covered by the payer. In the case of currency conversion, some banks charge a flat deduction from the amount sent, so ask at your bank first. The application fee is non-refundable.
  3. The following documents shall be sent either by post (paper version) or uploaded to InSIS (electronic version). If you choose the option to send the documents by post, this is the contact address: Ing. Adriana Válová, Ph.D. – Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze, nám. W. Churchilla 4, 130 67 Praha 3, Czech Republic. LIST OF DOCUMENTS:
    • The appendix to the application form – Appendix to Application Form for Doctoral Study is to be found here.
    • Short structured CV
    • List of publications of the applicant with a short annotation
    • Ph.D. Research Proposal on the intended topic of own research (the length 2000–2500 words) in English. Topics for the doctoral thesis must be chosen from the following list of topics, which is updated annually. The names of supervisors and their contact address can be found there as well. It is highly recommended to contact a possible supervisor as soon as possible in order to discuss with him/her a specific focus of Ph.D. research proposal and, in some cases, the possibility of making some adjustment to the topic. For the Template, click HERE. The research proposal should be written in the following structure:
      • Scientific background for the project – the knowledge of current state-of the art in a given field resulting in interesting research questions that the applicant wants to solve. Goals and expected contributions for science as well as for practice should be clearly specified.
      • Methods – envisioned samples for primary data collection and databases for secondary data analysis should be well specified. Methods of data gathering (e.g., approved scales) and data analysis should be described.
      • The list of main literature sources relevant for PhD. research proposal.
      • The research proposal should be signed by the potential supervisor.
  4. Recognition of Higher Education: Admission to a Doctoral Study Program is conditional upon the proper completion of studies in a Master’s Study Program. The Master’s Diploma must be recognized in the Czech Republic (see Information for Applicants on the Recognition of Higher Education and Qualifications Acquired Abroad). Another (easier) option is Request for recognition of education abroad for the purpose of the admission procedure at VSE Prague: here. All documents necessary for the recognition process are to be sent in the prescribed form to the Legal Department of the Prague University of Economics and Business.

Applicants who have met all the requirements of FBA admission procedures will receive a letter of invitation to participate in the entrance exam. Entrance examinations usually take place twice a year: in the second half of January or in the second half of June.

An applicant who has chosen the study program taught in a foreign language must take an oral entrance examination in English. He/she must be able to discuss his/her research proposal. It is not necessary to prove language proficiency by certificates such as TOEFL or CAE; they are however welcome.

Admission to the Doctoral Studies Program is conditional upon successfully undergoing the University’s admission procedure. The final decision rests with the dean of the faculty of the respective Doctoral Program with due consideration given to success in the entrance examination, as well as the teaching capacity of the faculty. If an applicant has not been admitted only because of the insufficient teaching capacity at the faculty, the examination results remain valid for one year following the date on which the examination was taken.

Students who will be admitted are informed by an email (letter of admission).

Additional information is available here.