Research and publishing activities (MMEE)

Within their studies, doctoral students are required to conduct scientific research activities related to the focus of the dissertation, consisting in participation in the solution of scientific projects and in the presentation of achieved results in the form of journal publications and in the form of papers presented at conferences. Publication obligations are given by the requirements set at FPH by the Dean’s Measure (PhD Student Standard):

  1. To be admitted to the state doctoral examination, the doctoral student must have demonstrable publishing activity either in the form of an article in a peer-reviewed periodical or in the form of a paper in a conference conference indexed in the Scopus / WoS database or a paper (with a full article, abstract is not enough) at a prestigious scientific conference.
  2. To be admitted to the big defense, there must be at least one professional article published or demonstrably accepted for publication in the journal indexed in the Scopus database or the Web of Science, where the doctoral student is the first author.
  3. Furthermore, during the study the doctoral student must obtain for the publishing activity min. 50 points, calculated as follows:
      • the output is always divided by the number of co-authors, the supervisor does not count, the article must be related to the fields of FPH,
      • scientific article in the field of FPH in a journal with AIS> 1.3: 250 points,
      • scientific article in the field of FPH in a journal with AIS> 0.5: 150 points,
      • scientific article in the field of FPH in a journal with AIS> 0.25 or with SJR> 0.7 or with non-zero SJR and kept in the AJG ranking at the level of min. 2: 100 points,
      • another scientific article in a journal with IF or SJR: 50 points,
      • a scientific article in a journal held in the ESCI, in AJG at level 1, or a scientific article in journals with IF or SJR with a range of <7 standard pages: 20 points,
      • scientific monograph: 10 points for 1 AA,
      • contribution to a conference held at CPCI, Scopus or to international prestigious conferences requiring full paper: 10 points

At the same time, the doctoral student can receive points for obtaining research grants, which supplement the points obtained for completed other courses and seminars (max. 50 points in total apply). Points are earned as follows:

      • obtaining an internal grant: 10 points per project (researchers share it),
      • obtaining an external research grant or contract research: 10 points for the obtained 100,000 CZK for FPH VŠE.

Achieved publications must be registered in the database of publishing activities of the Prague University of Economics and Business and dedicated to FPH University of Economics. Forms for entering publishing activities into the database can be found here: article reviewed or contribution in conference proceedings.