Program Economics (EKE)

Because of the expiring accreditation of the program Business Economics and Management (PEME) and the program Economics (EKE), doctoral students in these programs must submit their dissertation for a final defense and document the fulfillment of their study obligations no later than September 2024.

Doctoral program Economics lasts three years for full-time students and five years for students in combined form. Students are no longer enrolled into this program. If you are interested in doctoral studies, we recommend the Management and Managerial Economics program (here).

The basic duties of doctoral students result from the Study and Examination Regulations, the main duties are described in the Individual Study Plan created on the basis of the Dean’s Order (available for download below):

The study plan of the Economics program consists of three areas, which are 1) study obligations, 2) research and publishing activities and 3) other obligations (research internship abroad, teaching, etc.). These areas are described below under the FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We also recommend that you thoroughly read the answers to frequently asked questions regarding doctoral studies (study content, financial support, necessary administration, state exam, colloquia and defences, etc.), which are available here.

1. Study obligations

Study obligations include the successful completion of:

More information with regard to study obligations can be found here.

2. Research and publishing activities

Within their studies, doctoral students are required to conduct scientific research activities related to their dissertations, consisting of participation in research projects and presentations of achieved results in the form of journal publications and conference papers. Publishing-related obligations are described in the requirements set out in the Dean’s Order (available for download below).

More information with regard to research and publishing activities can be found here.

3. Other obligations (research internship abroad, teaching)

The time and content sequence of these duties is set out in the individual study plan (ISP), which is compiled by the supervisor together with the doctoral student at the beginning of the study.

The duties not yet mentioned include:

  • completing a research internship at a foreign institution,
  • submission of a research project,
  • full-time doctoral students participate in teaching no later than in the second year and not less than 2 teaching hours per week on average (the average is calculated for the academic year).

More information with regard to this area can be found here.