Colloquium (PEME and EKE)

Two compulsory colloquia await you during your studies: in the second and third year. The difference between them lies mainly in the content of the presented part of your dissertation.

Department Date Time Room Notes
Department of Logistics
Department of Marketing 23.11.2021 14:30 tbd Beneš Filip, MSc

Thümler Nico, M.Sc.

Wegert Jan, Ing.

Department of Strategy 19.10.2021 13:00 tbd Rosecká



Department of Human Resource Management
Department of Entrepreneurship
Department of Management 6.10.2021 9:00 RB459 Mojžíš Jan

Nováková Šárka

Vranka Marek

Tkáčik Marcel

Mag. Claudia Pölderl (6.10.2021)

Department of Managerial Psychology and Sociology 24.11.2021 16:00 RB KMPS Petra Sofie Horňáková
Department of Arts Management
Department of Managerial Economics 24.1.2022 16:00 online Flakron Shala, MBA


Invitation may be requested from:

Colloquium (beginning of the 2nd year)

Term: October-November, the department determines in advance for all its doctoral students at once

Requirements: The student should have a completed literature review based on approx. 80 most relevant sources and books, predominantly journals published in the last five years. The review forms a basis for research questions that are formulated on the basis of an overview of the existing state of knowledge in the field of dissertation, defining the added value which the dissertation should bring, both for scientific knowledge in the world context and for practice. Also, a concept of your empirical research is presented: research design, sample, data collection methods, data evaluation methods. The colloquium will provide recommendations for further processing of the dissertation.

Colloquium (beginning of the 3rd year)

Term: October-November, the department determines in advance for all its doctoral students at once

Requirements: Student presents a complete theoretical part of the thesis, finalised methods design (with preliminary results based on a pilot) and schedule of data collection and completion of the dissertation. The colloquium will provide recommendations for further processing of the dissertation.

Participants in the Colloquium

  • They are informed and approached by the head of department, or by the “scientific representative”.
  • Necessary participants: Other 2nd and 3rd year Ph.D. students from the department (excuse of participation is possible only on the basis of a medical certificate), their supervisors (in case of illness, representatives designated by supervisors); a representative of the faculty with an advanced knowledge of research methodology (upon consultation with the Vice-Dean for Research and Ph.D. Studies).
  • There must be at least 4 persons.

Organisational Matters

The student will ensure:

  • usually will send the presentation for 15–20 minutes (and any other documents set by the department) at least 7 days before the colloquium to the department (contact person)
  • the method and date of submission of the presentation before the colloquium may be further determined by the department.

The department (through its designated representative) ensures the following:

  • determination of the terms of colloquia of the individual departments (day / room) at least 2 months in advance (the study assistant will publish the dates on the faculty’s website),
  • the detailed organization of the colloquia (including contacting and inviting participants),
  • distribution of presentations among the members of the department, as well as among faculty representatives, who will participate in colloquia,
  • in cooperation with the representative of the faculty, preparation of the minutes, part of the minutes is a proposal of measures to be incorporated in the dissertation,
  • handing over the participation sheet to the supervisor and the study assistant,
  • participation (excuses) of full-time, combined doctoral students and supervisors.

The faculty representative will ensure:

  • control of minutes from the colloquium incl. possible additions, modifications and recommendations.

Contact person

Department of Strategy – prof. Ing. Jindřich Špička, Ph.D. (
Department of Human Resources – Ing. Marek Stříteský, Ph.D. (
Department of Logistics – doc. Ing. Petr Kolař, Ph.D. (
Department of Management – doc. Ing. Petr Houdek, Ph.D. (
Department of Arts Management – Mgr. Jan Hanzlík, Ph.D. (
Department of Managerial Psychology and Sociology – doc. PhDr. Daniela Pauknerová, Ph.D. (
Department of Marketing – doc. Ing. Jan Koudelka, CSc. (
Department of Entrepreneurship – prof. Ing. Mgr. Martin Lukeš, Ph.D. (
Department of Managerial Economics – doc. Ing. Tomáš Pavelka, Ph.D. (