Study obligations (PEME)

Study obligations include the successful completion of:

Completion of courses represents the passing of five examinations in individual obligatory and elective courses during the first year, possibly during the first semester of the second year (applies to students of the combined form who started in 2014–2016). It is recommended (especially for full-time doctoral students) to take the course Development of Pedagogical and Socio-psychological Skills for PhD Students and Academic Staff of the University of Economics, organized for the purpose of preparation for their own teaching. You can learn more about individual courses here.

Another study obligation is the successful completion of the colloquium (at the beginning of the second and third year). You can learn more about colloquia here.

After successfully mastering individual courses and the first publishing activity, doctoral students can apply for the State Doctoral Examination (SDE), at the end of the second year at the latest, during which they demonstrate the degree of mastery of independent scientific work and application of theoretical knowledge in the field of their dissertation. Further information regarding the submitted materials, the required publications and the announced dates can be found here.

Only after successfully defending dissertation during the small defence (more detailed information can be found here) and fulfillment of all study obligations, it is possible to apply for a big defence of the dissertation. More information about the big defence can be found here.

Deadlines for fulfilling study obligations are set by the Study and Examination Regulations of the Prague University of Economics and Business and respektive Dean’s Order: