Research and publishing activities (PEME and EKE)

A more detailed description of the study obligations can be found on the relevant pages:

  • Dean’s Order N3/17 of 3rd April, 2017 – here
  • Dean’s Order N1/14 of 10th September, 2014 – here
Dean’s Order N3/17 of 3rd April, 2017 Dean’s Order N1/14 of 10th September, 2014
For students admitted in 2017, 2018, 2019 2014, 2015, 2016
Articles at least one article in a peer-reviewed journal registered in the database Scopus or SSCI Web of Science at least one article published or published online in peer-reviewed professional journal (the RVVI List, Scopus, ERIH journal; and others with IF). Alternatively, the candidate can have his/her article in the stage of revise & resubmit in a journal with an IF>3.
Conference Proceedings Actively participate, at least twice, in a conference which is contained in the Conference Proceedings Citation Index, or is contained in the Scopus database, or the candidate participates in top-ranking scientific conferences. At the time of graduation, the conference must already be registered in CPCI, or, in SCOPUS.

If the PhD candidate is the first author, then this counts as 1, i.e. as being the only author. If, however, he/she is the second and subsequent co-author, then this counts as 1 divided by number of co-authors. For example, if there are three co-authors, and the candidate is the first author, then, just one such article shall be sufficient. If the candidate is the second or third co-author, then three such articles are needed to satisfy the requirement.

The article in the journal indicates which institution the author works for (also called affiliation). We recommend that all your articles include only FBA VŠE.

At the same time, the article mentions the so-called dedication, which is a reference to the research project in which the article was created. A typical example for PhD students is a reference to an internal IGA grant. Dedication then takes the following form: “This research was supported by the Internal Grant Agency of the Faculty of Business Administration, Prague University of Economics and Business, the project number VŠE IGS F3/XX/20XX.” This way you declare that your project was created as a part of internal grant and that you are thus fulfilling your commitment to your publishing activity that you made in your internal grant application. Dedication to other projects, such as projects of GACR, TACR and others is done in a similar way.