Re-enrollment to Study

Instructions for re-enrollment for continuing students to the Academic year 2020/2021

1. At the end of each academic year but by September, 11 of the academic year concerned at the latest, the supervisor together with the doctoral student shall complete in InSIS the Report on the course of study. The supervisor then passes (within September, 11, 2020) this signed Report to Mrs. Blanka Helclová ( who will then refer the Report to the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration for approval). Only supervisor has the right to fill in the Report in the InSIS database and therefore, it is necessary to agree on consultation with the supervisor with sufficient lead time in advance.

2. Students in the first or second year shall hand in the Registration form (REGISTRATION OF SUBJECTS)  no later than September, 11, 2020. Without this signed document the student cannot register any courses for Winter Term 2020/2021.

3. Students who do not meet the conditions for entry into the next year, may apply to the Dean´s Office for conditional registration. The student must do so immediately after he/she realizes the he/she does not meet the registration conditions for the next year. Student submits the application via InSIS in electronic form by September 11, 2020.

4. The student may prepare for his/her supervisor the following points concerning the study for the previous academic year (2019/2020) which will be filled out in the Report on the course of study:

  • Participation of a student on educational activities
  • Participation on scientific research activities
  • Publications and active participation in conferences and seminars
  • Domestic and abroad stays
  • Other activities, obstacles in study and professional experience relevant to the course of study
  • Stage of elaboration of the dissertation

5. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Blanka Helclová (Door No. 347 RB /e-mail: