Doctoral thesis

Anweisungen zur Verteidigung der Dissertationsarbeit

Dissertation Thesis Defense Instructions

Doctoral study ends up with a regular defense of the doctoral dissertation thesis. The Candidate who fulfilled all requirements for applying for the Dissertation Defense and uploaded its final version into the ISIS information system should appear in working hours in the doctoral study office together with his/her credit book and furthermore submit:

  • Four (4) hard bound copies of the dissertation
  • Fifteen (15) copies of abstract (“autoreferát”) of the PhD thesis (A4 format, spiral binding)
  • Structured CV (signed by the Candidate)
  • List of publications (signed by both the PhD student and Supervisor) example
  • Ephorus Control Report of the Dissertation (signed by the Supervisor who also assures the Report)
  • Letter to the Dean of the Faculty in which student asks for admission to the Dissertation Defense
  • Short report of the Supervisor on the course of study (signed by the Supervisor) example
  • Printed confirmation on uploading of the dissertation into the ISIS information system (see example)
  • Summary should be sent via e-mail to the following e-mail address:
  • Plans of preparation / assessment of the PhD student for the whole study (forms available here on pages 4 – 5)


Student should submit all documents eight weeks before the defense will be held.

The Thesis Assignment should be entered into the ISIS information system by the Supervisor in cooperation with the Candidate no later than six months before submission of the dissertation for its planned defense.

Initially, PhD student submits the final version of the dissertation electronically into the Qualification Theses Database (in PDF format) in ISIS information system. The proper electronic submission has to be confirmed by the following notification: “Correct submission of the thesis confirmed – The electronic version of the dissertation was submitted and the correct submission was confirmed. The submission process is hereby finished. The thesis cannot be modified anymore.” Only after this step, the dissertation and other requested documents may be submitted for a Defense.(During submission, ISIS information system requires Abstract and Keywords in English).


A student who has not passed both the Colloquium/Dissertation Proposal Defense and State Doctoral Examination cannot apply for a Defense.

  • Template for the first pages of a Doctoral Thesis.
  • Summary (“autoreferát”) ¨
  • An abstract is a brief summary of the whole thesis, usually up to 20 pages, stating the objectives, content, results of the thesis and the characteristics of the original research methodology, the literature used and concluded with an English, or other foreign language, summary,