The study branch Economics focuses on training scientists and researchers who want to gain, or deepen their existing, knowledge and skills in the areas of macroeconomics and microeconomics. In the field of macroeconomics, the focus is on the issues of analysis, and the influence of the institutional environment on macroeconomic management decision making in companies. In microeconomics, both the theory of prices and competition are the subjects of study, and secondly, the analysis of the impact of microeconomic (structural) policies on the corporate sphere.

The students’ field of study, in addition to the compulsory and optional subjects, involves scientific and research work, based on the independent study of Czech and foreign literature, which gives the most up to date information in the field. Therefore, the student is required to engage in his/her own publication activity during the course of study. Studies are completed by the State Doctoral Examination and the defence of the Doctoral dissertation.

It is expected that graduates will work in the fields of science and research, as well as in teaching (especially in universities). They will also work in the strategic and analytical departments of financial and non-financial companies. The structure of the programme is as follows:

Block A: Subjects common to the whole school

  • MIE911 Economics (microeconomics-macroeconomics)

Block B: Branch compulsory subjects

*Doctoral student chooses one of the two subjects on recommendation of a supervisor and according to his/her specialisation.

  • IT_910 Research Methods for Managers
  • MIE905 Dynamic Models in Economics
  • STP915 Statistical Methods for Scientific Research*
  • EKO905 Quantitative Instruments for Economic Analysis*

Block C: Optional subjects

After discussion with his/her supervisor the doctoral student chooses other subjects needed for the doctoral thesis (see the list of accredited subjects for doctoral study).

Options may possibly expand into other courses from the menu free elective courses accredited for doctoral study at Prague University of Economics and Business. PhD student performs other duties in accordance with the Study and Examination Regulations of the Prague University of Economics and Business for study in doctoral programs and law faculties.