Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who is the DBA program suitable for?
The program is designed for managers with a minimum of 5 years of experience (in exceptional cases 3 years) and experts from practice who need to use scientific procedures of applied management research to solve practical problems. The program is carried out primarily in English and is completed by obtaining the title and diploma of DBA VŠE. Prerequisite for entering the program is a Master’s degree or a corresponding MBA degree.

2. Why study DBA at the Faculty of Business Administration of the Prague University of Economics and Business?
As the only faculty in the Czech Republic, we are proud to have the internationally recognized EQUIS accreditation. We have experts who carry out world-class research and at the same time mentors with relevant business expertise. We are the best business school in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. Our knowledge and expertise guarantee the high quality of studies and at the same time scientific solutions to complex business problems.

3. I wish to study remotely, is it possible?
Yes, the program can be studied fully online.

4. I am a non-EU citizen, can I obtain a visa for this program?
Unfortunately, DBA applicants are not entitled to the Long-term residence permit for the purpose of studies.

5. How should I choose the topic of the doctoral thesis and a suitable supervisor?
Our students bring their business problem or assignment, which they want to address, and solve it with the help of applied managerial research and theory. Depending on this topic (1-2 pages long description), DBA management selects a supervisor who has the relevant methodological knowledge and business expertise. The supervisor provides a feedback and gives recommendations on what needs to be changed, improved, etc. The applicant develops the topic accordingly (prepares a Research proposal), as a part of the selection process. Once the topic is prepared, a meeting on the given topic is held with the program director or academic director, as well as with the suitable supervisor.

6. What are the steps of the admission procedure?
The admission process consists of 3 steps:
1. The applicant submits the online Application Form, incl. Managerial topic/business problem in the range of 1 – 2 pages in English and other documents (CV, Diploma and Transcript confirming the Master’s or MBA degree)
2. He/she is given a feedback which he/she incorporates and creates a Research proposal (see HERE for a template)
3. This is followed by an interview (may be held online) on the submitted project and motivation of the applicant

7. How is the knowledge of a foreign language tested?
Oral interview is held in English. Certificates are not required.

8. When will I find out the results of the entrance exams?
You will find out the results of the entrance exams no later than thirty days after the date of taking the exam. Accepted candidates will receive information to the email address provided by them. In case of non-admission, applicants are also informed by email.

9. What is “hybrid teaching”?
Hybrid teaching consists of a mixture of digital and on-campus activities.

10. How much is the tuition fee?
The fee is 5000 EUR per academic year.

11. Are there any scholarships?
The school does not offer any scholarships for this program.

12. What does it mean when I am granted conditional enrollment? By when do I have to fulfill the missing obligations?
Conditional enrollment into the next year means that a student advances to a higher year, but within half a year he/she must fulfill the previous year’s obligations, which he/she lacks, in order to be properly and regularly enrolled into this higher year. Obligation fulfillment is immediately reported to the student’s supervisor and to the DBA centre (

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