Principles of Responsibility

Faculty of Business Administration as a part of the Prague University of Economics and Business has committed to the fulfilment of the Principle of the responsibility of management of educational organizations“.

In accordance with its mission, with its strategic objectives and the establishment of organisational culture; the faculty leadership accepts this document, which specifies the above principles into terms of faculty. The text is an obligation that must be fulfilled by all faculty members (its staff and students) and is beyond the scope of current legislation, values, principles and desirable behaviours in the implementation of all (internal and external) activities of faculty:

Equal opportunities and the right for privacy – Faculty provides equal educational and employment opportunities to all its students, teachers and other employees in accordance with their classification, regardless of their nationality, race, sexual orientation or religion or cultural differences, giving them the space to ensure that they can equally fulfil their duties at the university (for students , to study, in the case of employees ,to work), the faculty is protecting privacy and personal data of its members and does not provide confidential information without their permission.

Openness – Faculty considers the educational, scientific and other work by the faculty as an integral contribution to the development of human knowledge and culture, defending the freedom of thought, research, exchanging ideas and information, does not prevent dialogues and discussions between teachers, students, the business community, government, media other stakeholders on critical issues related to their output, but also on global sustainable development (if it can offer qualified opinion); their activity supports the sustainable development of the society and is ready to forge meaningful partnerships with external entities.

Objectivity – all activities of the faculty must be in principle with objectivity, fairness and impartiality, for this purpose shall be used in legislative, where there are clear pre-given criteria for decision-making and evaluation, which must be then consistently applied.

Transparency – in all cases (unless restricted by legislation, such as the protection of personal data), relevant information should be presented on the activities of the faculty and its key decisions; for this purpose faculty uses its information sources (ISIS, faculty web, webs of each departments) eventually other information resources.

Shared values – to strengthen such activities that are adding benefits to faculty as well as create values for society.

As institutions of higher education involved in the development of current and future managers we declare our willingness to progress in the implementation, within our institution, of the following Principles, starting with those that are more relevant to our capacities and mission. We will report on progress to all our stakeholders and exchange effective practices related to these principles with other academic institutions.