Online courses at the Faculty of Business Administration open to public

Starting September 2020 the Faculty of Business Administration has prepared various courses which will take place online and are therefore open to the public including:

  • prospective Bachelor of Business Administration or Master in Management students (once becoming a student in a respective international programme at the Faculty of Business Administration, it is possible to transfer the credits),
  • applicants to the CEMS programme (eg. courses Macroeconomics or Foundations of Business Strategy can serve as one of the required courses in the admission procedure),
  • anyone interested in one of the offered topics.

There will be 13 weeks of classes starting 4th week in September (September 21).

The schedule of the lectures is given as it will be held as a hybrid lecture along with on-campus students. Schedule of an online seminar will be always determined based on the participants’ preferences. Therefore, please indicate your location and time preferences in the form.

Price of the course equals 60 EUR/1 ECTS, i.e. 180 EUR/3 ECTS course, 240 EUR/4 ECTS course and 360 EUR/6 ECTS course.


Open online courses at the Faculty of Business Administration