Minor specialization students visited Zora company, Nestlé

Minor specialization students of Logistics got an opportunity to visit one of the three Nestlé’s plants in Czech Republic. It was a factory Zora Olomouc where popular chocolate Orion is produced.

Early in the morning students left Prague by train and reached Olomouc around 9:30. After their arrival, presentation of the company took place and Supply Chain manager presented the products, including famous Kofila, Margot, Orion chocolate bar, Studentská pečeť or Modré z nebe. After short insight to Zora’s history followed, also its plans to the future, e.g. How company deals with ecology and what they reached in this area.

Afterwards students were divided into two groups and went inside the factory with employee guiding them. Students could see, how automatic production processes work. However, on some posts, manual hand-made production is still irreplaceable.

In a conference room, one more presentation was held after the factory tour. Production and logistics processes in whole supply chain of Zora were discussed. It was mainly about planning and forecasting of demand, planning of materials, production, transport etc. It was a broad and complex view on the whole supply chain which was really appreciated by the students.

The end of the presentation was dedicated to classic Q&A, acknowledgement to our hosts and our excursion came to an end.