Management summary: Study „Perspective of operational additive manufacturing: Case studies from the Czech aerospace industry“

The study presents adoption of additive manufacturing in Czech manufacturing operation. The adoption rate is set based questionnaire survey conducted among the Czech businesses. The adoption road map is defined based on semi structured interviews made among successful implemntators of this technology in aerospace industry. Additive manufacturing is still mainly used in prototyping rather than in manufacturing. However, there is high interest among business to extend the adoption into manufacturing process. This study uncovers which products are efficient to be produced by additive manufacturing for instance highly complex products consisting of many parts that are fixed together within lengthy and complicated manufacturing process.

Target groups of stakeholders: Operation manager, supply chain manager and logistician

Citation: Jirsak, P., Brunet-Thornton, R. (2019). Perspectives of operational additive manufacturing: Case Studies from the Czech aerospace industry. Journal of Eastern European and Central Asian Research, 6(1), pp. 179-190