Management summary Research study „Vulnerable Consumers and Energy Poverty“

The aim of the project is to define the terms Energy Poverty and Vulnerable Consumer with respect to The CR specifics, to recommend suitable metrics that identify the Energy Poverty and Vulnerable Consumer as well as the metrics that enable measurement of effectiveness of protective regulations. This creates prerequisites for the solution of the issues. The further aim is to estimate the scope of Energy Poverty problem and the number of Vulnerable Consumers in the CR. Finally, the aim is to suggest solutions of the diagnosed problems (ways of interventions) and the approach to evaluation of the solutions.

In the first stage, an analysis of the Czech energy market was performed in comparison with countries that already have key terms defined (desk research + expert interviews). The second stage focuses on the analysis of the population of the Czech Republic and the definition of the segments “energy poor” and “vulnerable” customers. Data from the Czech Statistical Office and Eurostat are used. Subsequently, a quantitative survey based on primary data is carried out and followed by expert interviews. The last stage is based on the analytical synthesis of inputs from previous stages and the compilation of a set of recommendations for solving the investigated problems.


Target groups of stakeholders: Ministry of Industry and Trade; Energy Regulatory Office; Ministry of Regional Development CZ; Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic

Citation: Tahal, R., Kubeček, V., Burešová, L., Borovská, D., Šafr, K., Soukup, J., Říha, D. (2021). Zranitelný zákazník a energetická chudoba: Certifikovaná metodika. Praha: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze.