Management summary Research study „The impact of human values on the chance of farming continuity“

This article fills a gap in the existing literature by focusing on one of the internal determinants of successful farming continuity – human values. The problem relates not only to succession on the family farm, but also to continuity of labour on the farm. This article aims to provide an ex-post assessment of the value determinants of generational change in farming. The article focuses not only on family farms, but more broadly on continuing agricultural production. A logistic regression was applied to a sample of 1,043 descendants of Czech small farmers. The descendants with the human values of scouts and traditionalists have a higher chance of successful farming than other descendants. While traditionalists represent persistence-oriented offspring who believe it is important to do what they are told and follow the rules, follow traditions and customs, and behave properly, scouts lay on responsibility for stakeholders’ welfare and have strong socioemotional wealth. In addition, the larger household size and longer commute time to the regional centre of the labour market greatly increase the chance of farming continuity. The results are valuable for farmers who are making a long-term plan for the continuation of their farm for their offspring.


Target groups of stakeholders: academic staff, farmers

Citation: Špička, J., & Berg, S. (2022). The impact of human values on the chance of farming continuity, International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, Online first at:

Source: Online first, paid access.