Management summary Research study „Systems of business travellers’ heterogeneity in air transport“

Low-cost airline development is related to the deregulation of the air transport market that began in the USA in 1978. It affected other regions in the world including the European Union (EU). The deregulation enabled new entities to enter the industry, which caused a pivotal market transformation. The reviewed literature focused on the systems of business travellers proves that low-cost carriers are used not only by leisure passengers but by business travellers as well. This research deals with the heterogeneity of business passengers who use full-service and low-cost airlines in the sample market of the Czech Republic. It focuses on factors that determine the airline selection process by business travellers. Based on the analysis of empirical results, this geographically scoped discussion complements similar studies conducted in countries such as the UK, Brazil and South Africa located outside the Central and Eastern Europe zone (CEE).


Target groups of stakeholders: business organizations and corporations, business passangers

Citation: Hunak, J., Kolar, P., Brunet-Thornton, R. (2020). Systems of business travellers’ heterogeneity in air transport. International Journal of Business and Systems Research, 14(4), 455-470, doi: 10.1504/IJBSR.2020.110766