Management Summary Research Study „Solving Energy Poverty in the Czech Republic“

This study describes the outputs of a project aimed at solving energy poverty in the current conditions of the Czech Republic, funded by the European Climate Fund. The project was carried out at a time of energy crisis, which allowed to analyze the impacts of energy price increases on the extent and structure of energy poverty. The study includes a description of the methodology for measuring energy poverty in the Czech Republic and the results of measuring its extent in 2022, based on the EU – SILC and ENERGO datasets. The study describes the proposed tool for predicting the future development of energy poverty in the Czech Republic. In the context of the current state of policies and measures used by the state in the field of energy poverty, the study suggests ways to update and complete them, including measures in the field of data use and acquisition. The report also addresses the issue of the definitions of energy poverty and vulnerable customer, which have not yet been developed and implemented in the Czech legislation at any level. The outputs produced expand the expert evidence base that can contribute to addressing the increasing energy poverty in the Czech Republic.


Target groups of stakeholders: State administration institutions dealing with energy poverty (Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, ERO) and non-profit organizations focused on social and environmental issues.