Management summary Research study „Servant Leadership and Its Relation to Work Performance“

Servant leadership is a viable concept used and researched worldwide. The aim of this study is to review the concept of servant leadership and examine its relation to work performance, specifically subordinate’s in-role and extra-role work performance. Data were collected via a questionnaire. The sample included 106 Master students of a standard Management program at the University of Economics, Prague who have a job of 20 hours a week and more. Regression analysis showed a positive and significant relationship between supervisor’s servant leadership and both subordinate’s in-role and extra-role work performance. On the level of individual dimensions of servant leadership,
only “empowering” showed to be positively and significantly related to work performance. Results suggest that working business students appreciate when their supervisor provides them with responsibility and autonomy. Organisations should benefit from the adoption of servant leadership if they aim to create an environment supportive for both in-role and extra-role work performance. Servant leadership might offer a convenient roadmap to accommodate work expectations of millennials and Generation Z from the Central European region, e.g. servant leadership dimension “creating value for the community” aligns with their expectation “business leaders take responsibility
for societal needs”.

Target groups of stakeholders: managers, HR practitioners, universities, career counselors
Citation: Gašková, J. (2020). Servant Leadership and Its Relation to Work Performance. Central European Business Review, 9(3), 24–37.