Management Summary Research Study „Risks, Problems and Needs of Artists without Permanent Employment in the Current Economy in the Czech Republic“

The main objective of the research report is to identify the risks, problems and needs faced by artists and cultural workers without permanent employment. This goal was fulfilled first through a search of available materials on the issue of artist status, and then a questionnaire survey was created and distributed. Above all, the pandemic situation revealed the problem of a lack of data and information about the status of artists and cultural workers without permanent employment. This project has the ambition to contribute to the improvement of this situation and to provide material in the form of this research report serving as a basis for the introduction of systemic measures improving the working conditions of artists without permanent employment. The research question based on the aim of the project is: What risks, problems and needs do artists and cultural workers without permanent employment face? Data from a questionnaire survey were used to answer this question.


Target groups of stakeholders: policy makers, academics, students

Citation: Prokůpek, M. et. al (2023). Rizika, problémy a potřeby umělců bez stálého zaměstnání v současné ekonomice v ČŘ. Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze. Praha