Management summary: Research study „Optimization of Polyolefin distribution in Unipetrol RPA (URPA) – phase 2 (2019).“

This research report contains definition of the project scope as well as it outlines major outcomes of the contracted project about Optimization of Polyolefin distribution in Unipetrol RPA. The outcomes are not fully specified because of assigned none-disclosure agreement.

Major project goals are:

· Revision of contracts related to parties representing distribution;

· Best practice analyses of customer care teams with applied analogy with FMCG sector;

· Development of planning tools enabling definition of opportunities coming from intermodal distribution and testing of various scenarios.

Abovementioned goals are follow ups to the major goals of the first project phase elaborated in 2018. The mutual aim is to establish viable intermodal transport system in its all relevant aspects. Project scope covers contracts among the parties; organization setting enabling smooth execution of logistics, sales and customer service processes; and planning and technical aspects of the distribution. Revised contracts, planning tools and recommendation about organization settings are just some of the outcomes provided by within this project.

Target groups of stakeholders: Plant manager, supply chain and logistic manager, sales manager

Authors: Jirsák, Petr, Novák, Radek, Kolář, Petr, Rathouslý, Bedřich.