Management summary research study „Optimization of intermodal distribution network for polyolefins – The fourth phase of contract research study“

During the fourth phase of the project, the analysis of trading operations together with the expansion of dynamic simulation model took place. The relevant processes and relations were identified and how they affect the distribution of polyolefins realized by the ORLEN Unipetrol RPA logistics providers with the delivery to the company customers. The team members elaborated the analysis of company data and Information regarding the implementation of the Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) programme by the company. Moreover, the distribution model was expanded while using the technological platform of SIMIO software.


Target groups of stakeholders: logistics, procurement, sales and It managers in manufacturing companies

Citation: Kolář, P., Jirsák, P., & Novák, R. (2021). Optimalizace distribuce polyolefinů ve společnosti Unipetrol RPA – čtvrtá fáze projektu smluvního vyzkumu.