Management summary Research study „Models Predicting Financial Distress Applied to Specific Insolvency Cases“

This paper is focused on the financial situation of pre-packed insolvencies. Pre-packed insolvencies, or pre-packs, are specially organized insolvency proceedings. It is expected that the pre-packs will be more effective than standard insolvency proceedings with respect to time and creditor satisfaction. There can be different results of pre-packs: successful rehabilitation, unsuccessful rehabilitation or on-going rehabilitation. Ongoing rehabilitation cannot be evaluated, but completed rehabilitation can. Future research should examine the relationship between the financial situation prior to insolvency proceedings and the success of the rehabilitation. The findings would pinpoint which companies should be approved for a pre-packed insolvency


Target groups of stakeholders: Large corporates, SMEs, MSEs, Insolvency trustee

Citation: Schönfeld, J., Kuděj, M. & Smrčka, L. Models Predicting Financial Distress Applied to Specific Insolvency Cases. Int Adv Econ Res 26, 125–126 (2020).