Management summary Research study „Models of gas industry operation in the Czech Republic and proposals of system solutions for the gas industry by 2050“

The structure and content of the presented study is based on the course of the project TA CR TK01010189 Creating system solutions for the gas industry in the Czech Republic by 2050. The first part of the study provides information about the assumptions on which the individual proposed scenarios are based, and the methodology of their creation is described there. The following chapters present the results of modeling of selected scenarios and their comparison. In the second part of the study, we deal with the measures and solutions that respond to the development of the gas industry in the near, medium as well as distant horizon and which aim to create the conditions for further efficient operation of the gas industry as a significant part of the energy mix in the Czech Republic.

The appendices contain the documents on which the scenarios of gas industry development as well as their updates are based and additional data to the presented scenarios. This study also serves as the basis and justification for the proposed legislative solutions and measures which will need to be adopted in the future in order to legislate new conditions in which the gas industry will function effectively during the period of energy decarbonization.


Target groups of stakeholders: Ministry of Industry and Trade, Energy Regulatory Office,business entities in gas industry

Source: HNILICA, Jiří, BUREŠOVÁ, Lucie, PÁRTL, Otakar, KUBEČEK, Vladimír, DVOŘÁK, Jindřich, HÖNIG, Vladimír. Modely fungování plynárenství v ČR a návrhy systémových řešení pro sektor plynárenství do roku 2050 [online]. Praha : Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze, Fakulta podnikohospodářská, 2021. 108 s. Dostupné z: