Management summary Research study „Let’s Do It Frank’s Way: General Principles and Historical Specificity in the Study of Entrepreneurship“

Formal economic models of entrepreneurship have two characteristics: they model entrepreneurship as an allocation of resources, and they identify common factors affecting this allocation. These common factors are represented as parameters of optimization models, and they are evaluated at the market level. We argue that although these models are useful, they are incomplete because certain aspects of entrepreneurial behavior, such as judgment, alertness, or innovativeness, cannot be easily transformed into allocative problems. Moreover, entrepreneurial acts involve idiosyncratic elements, which limit the applicability of the market-level analysis to individual cases. Thus, the traditional economic methods have to be complemented by approaches highlighting the role of individual and historical specificity. The study of entrepreneurship, therefore, requires a synthesis of both general theory and historicist approaches, as envisioned a century ago by Frank Knight.


Target groups of stakeholders: Academics

Citation: Hudik, M., & Bylund, P. L. Let’s do it Frank’s way: general principles and historical specificity in the study of entrepreneurship. Journal of Institutional Economics, 1-16.