Management summary Research study „Determination of Tractor Engine Oil Change Interval Based on Material Properties“

This article focuses on the technical and economic evaluation of the operation of agricultural machinery – specifically tractors. The aim of the technical part is to determine the appropriate interval for the change of engine oils on the basis of technical tests using an emission spectrometer and using infrared spectrometry. The measured values were compared with the value limit.

The aim of the economic part is to analyze the risks of tractor downtime and its economic impacts. In particular, due to high crop yields, farmers may suffer high economic losses if the machine is shut down if the technical recommendations of the first part of the article are not respected. A risk analysis was performed to evaluate economic losses. This loss is calculated in the article within the model cases. The ARIMA econometric model was used for statistical evaluation. Thanks to multidisciplinarity, the article has a significant overlap for practice. The article considers the harvest of wheat and barley and the calculated losses under model conditions are EUR 90 000 for wheat and EUR 5600 for barley.


Target groups of stakeholders: farmers

Citation: Hönig, V., Procházka, P., Obergruber, M., Kučerová, V., Mejstřík, P., Macků, J., & Bouček, J. (2020). Determination of tractor engine oil change interval based on material properties. Materials, 13(23), 5403.