Management summary Research study „Customer Loyalty-Related Marketing Measures in Fashion Markets”

This study focuses on the effects of various influencing factors on consumer loyalty. Factors examined include product quality, product selection, service quality and price-to-performance ratio. To investigate the proportion of the chosen marketing measures, a conceptual model was proposed.

The study has derived some remarkable key findings that contrast with other non-fashion markets. First of all, service quality is not the most important factor, whereas product quality is an important criterion for the price-to-product ratio and consequently for customer loyalty. Finally, practical guidelines are provided, limitations discussed and suggestions for future research provided.


Target groups of stakeholders: Business people / managers (fashion industry)

Citation: Möslein-Tröppner, B., Stros, M., & Říha, D. (2020). Customer Loyalty-Related Marketing Measures in Fashion Markets. Central European Business Review, 9(1), 43-55. doi: 10.18267/j.cebr.228.