Management summary Research study „An examination of children motives for triathlon participation as a function of age“

This study examines children’s motives for participation in triathlon as a function of age. Initiatives implemented by a Regional Sport Organization in New Zealand have resulted in increased participation in ‘I Tri’d the Tri’ Series (ITTS) from 300 in 2004–3300 in 2015 (aged 2–12). Participants of the 2015 ITTS were surveyed. Graph theory analysis was applied to the data. We found compelling 2-D and 3-D representations of age- and gender-dependent relationships, indicating a multi-linear relationship between the starting age of the children in the ITTS and their participation. The main participation factors were fun and enjoyment involving friends, competition, challenge and fitness, as well as tangible outcomes such as spot prizes, goodies and medals. The key implication of this study is the importance of age and gender motives, and involving peer, whole family and other sports involvement in engaging children in future participation in sport.

Target groups of stakeholders: Sports organization, parents, sport clubs, coaches


Source: Annals of Leisure Research , Volume 22, 2019 – Issue 2