Management summary Research study „Amendment proposals in the field of energy legislation related with proposals for system solutions for the gas industry“

The study is in the form of a framework for future amendments of the energy legislation in the Czech Republic. The created proposals of the framework of legislative measures and solutions can serve as a basis for creating factual intentions in the amendment of specific energy legislative standards. This document is also conceived as a basis for initiating the necessary inter-ministerial and public discussion to create legislative and other conditions for further gas industry operation, especially in relation to gas decarbonization and infrastructure restructuring.

In the first part of the document, we describe the starting points and assumption on which the creation of the new legislative framework for the future role of gas industry in the process of energy decarbonization is based. In the next part we deal with the problematics of setting new legislative conditions that will enable the use of technologies and procedures for the gradual decarbonization of gas industry as well as the legislative framework for possible infrastructure restructuring with the aim of creating efficient gas systems. In the last part of the document we deal with processes that should be the part of implementation of the amendment of energy legislative for the gas industry including binding documents related to strategy and regulation.


Target groups of stakeholders: Ministry of Industry and Trade, Energy Regulatory Office

Source: HNILICA, Jiří, BUREŠOVÁ, Lucie, PÁRTL, Otakar, KUBEČEK, Vladimír, DVOŘÁK, Jindřich, HÖNIG, Vladimír. Návrhy novelizace v oblasti energetické legislativy související s návrhy systémových řešení pro sektor plynárenství. Praha : Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze, Fakulta podnikohospodářská, 2021. 21 s. The document is not publicly available.