Management summary Optimization of Intermodal Distribution Network for Polyolefins – The Third Phase of Contract Research Study

Regarding the third phase of the contract research, the authors analysed the international trade operations relevant to the company logistics and transport opportunities, their bottlenecks and delivery terms applicable in the (polyolefins) sales contracts. The authors developed and modelled effectively the dynamic simulation of the polyolefins’ distribution to the customers. Besides, the researchers analysed contract relations determining the interaction between Unipetrol RPA, s.r.o company (the research contract authority), their logistics providers and the customers through the identified causalities and their context. The study objective was the development of optimal settings regarding the relations between the company relevant departments and its environment (customers, logistics providers) since the optimal settings affect positively the export performance in international trade operations (exports). The developed model addressed legal, trade and operations viewpoints as well. The researches worked with primary (company) qualitative and quantitative data. Based on effective non-disclosure agreement between the Faculty of Business Administration, Prague University of Economics and Business, and Unipetrol RPA, s.r.o., neither the management summary nor the research report include in detail input data, research results and the outcomes.


Target groups of stakeholders: logistics, procurement, sales managers in manufacturing companies

Citation: Kolář, P., Novák, R., Jirsák, P., & Šebesta, M. (2020). Optimalizace distribuce polyolefinů ve společnosti Unipetrol RPA – třetí fáze projektu smluvního vyzkumu