Innovation Week at VŠE /28. – 31.3. 2023/

28 Mar
31 Mar

The summer semester will mark the second Innovation in Teaching Week. This time it will take place in the seventh week of term from Tuesday 28 March to Friday 31 March. Innovation Week means that in week seven (excluding Mondays) there will be no timetabled teaching and the week will be dedicated to interesting lectures, workshops and generally introducing modern forms of teaching. Week 7 activities will be either present (requiring students to be present at a given time) or asynchronous (allowing for the performance of a given duty according to learners’ preferences).
All events organized by FBA in English can be found here:


What is the aim of Innovation Week?
First and foremost, to modernise teaching at VŠE, introduce new forms of teaching and encourage greater interaction between students. Also to support the introduction of LMS Moodle at the VŠE, as the transition to this platform is gradual (not all subjects and not all teachers use Moodle). The goal is to have more and more courses with Moodle activities.
Innovation Week at VŠE /28. - 31.3. 2023/