FBA offers a new Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program

The DBA program is a “professional doctorate”, the main characteristic of which is the acquisition of deep knowledge and the use of the principles in scientific work, especially scientific research methodology to solve a complex problem of the company or economic practice.

The program is designed for managers with a minimum experience of 5 years (in exceptional cases of 3 years), of which at least a partial experience has been in a managerial position, and professionals who need to use the principles of applied management research to solve practical problems.

The program is implemented in English and is completed by obtaining the title and diploma of DBA VŠE. Prerequisite for entry into the program is also a university degree or the MBA degree.

It is a demanding program, combining full-time learning along with its online form, in the range of min. 112 hours of learning, regular consultations with an instructor and business mentor over the period of 3 years, and independent creative work in solving problems, in the range of about 1000 hours.

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