FBA information about subject exams, comprehensive exams and final state exams

Measures of VŠE following released restrictive measures in the field of higher education valid from May 11, 2020 apply, FBA  adds the following:

Subjects and subject exams

The way and criteria for the evaluation of the subject and the way and form of the exams were determined by the subject supervisors and students were informed about them.


Defenses of bachelor’s and master’s theses

Qualification theses (bachelor’s and master’s theses) will be submitted only electronically by uploading them to InSIS according to the approved schedule (13 May 2020). After submitting the qualification thesis, the student does not print a confirmation from the e-mail about the correct submission of the thesis, but forwards it to the secretary of the department from which the supervisor of the thesis is.

The form of defense (in person, semi-distance, distance) of qualification theses for individual dates is always determined by the head of the department at which the thesis is supervised and defended. The chosen form will be published on the department’s website and entered into InSIS for individual dates.

The evaluations will be available to the student in InSIS no later than 3 days before the defense.


Final state exams in the main specialization, minor specialization, economics and comprehensive examinations in the minor specialization

These exams will take place only in person form in compliance with the conditions set by the University of Economics.
Students will come to the university in front of the room where the exam will take place, at the specified time of the exam (this is shown at the exam date) and wait for the commission to invate them to enter the exam room. After passing the exam, they will leave the VŠE premises immediately.