CEMS Club Prague Awarded 2nd Best Club of the Winter Term 2023/24

The CEMS Student Board again selected and rewarded the best student clubs. CEMS Club Prague fought its way to second place in the overall ranking of Best CEMS Club 2023/2024 Term 1 and received, among other things, financial support for further club activities.


CEMS Club presidents from schools across the CEMS Alliance gathered in Vienna in March where the CEMS Student Board recognised them for their activities in the 2023/2024 winter term. For the first time, all 33 student clubs qualified for the evaluation. The competition was therefore the highest ever. There are six categories to compete in and then also for the most prestigious overall award, Best CEMS Club. And it was in this case that CEMS Club Prague took the imaginary silver.


“The Vice-President Melina Plietker and I are truly happy to see that the efforts and energy of the board and the whole CEMS Club Prague team paid off. Winning second place is rewarding, as it gives us the opportunity to show the unique experience CEMS Prague has to offer and how strong our community is,” says Miriam Kastner, who was the President of the club in the winter semester 2023/204.


CEMS Club Prague also scored in individual categories. It even won a gold medal in the Responsibility category with its ESG Weekly Challenges. “Our main goal was not only to raise awareness of sustainable practices among students, but also to actively engage them in challenges that promote sustainable lifestyles. Through the original use of videos and competitions, we achieved significant student engagement and positive feedback,” says Julie Martinová, who led the ESG activities of CEMS Club Prague together with Rahul Raj in the winter semester 2023/204.


CEMS Club Prague finished second in the Social category due to their successful Sip & Paint event. This outdoor gathering provided a laid-back environment where students could engage in various drawing activities, offering them a chance to unwind from their studies and foster connections with one another.


Winners among CEMS Clubs are selected by the CEMS Student Board at the end of each semester. “In addition to the fact that the top three clubs in the overall ranking also benefit financially, it is also an event where CEMS club presidents meet and inspire each other on how to build an extraordinary CEMS community at their home university,” explains Jan Budinský, who represented Prague CEMS on the Student Board in the 2023/2024 winter semester.


CEMS clubs compete in the categories of Alumni, Corporate, Desired, Marketing, Responsibility, Socializing and finally, Best Club. While the winners in these six categories are decided by the submitted projects, from which Student Board representatives then select the best ones, the final Best CEMS Club ranking is mainly decided by the students themselves. They give their club a grade based on their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the activities it prepared for them during the semester. Plus points are then given to the club for winning in the six categories.


CEMS Club Prague Awarded 2nd Best Club of the Winter Term 2023/24