Case study of two Faculty of Business Administration’s authors distributed by Harvard Business Publishing

The case study by Ladislav Tyll and Mohit Srivastava from the Department of Strategy, Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Economics, Prague is distributed under Harvard Business Publishing. The study is primarily designed for graduate level students of strategic management courses.

The study named “Debito Technologies: Taking a Debt Management App Abroad” orients on the case of the Debito Technologies company started in December 2014 to help creditors better manage their issued debt. The company provided a complete beginning-to-end service using a debt management application (app) that traced debtors by following their digital footprint. The whole process was managed with just the mobile app and had no upfront fees. In 2017, with success in the Czech market, the company was considering expanding its operations abroad. The company needed first to select a country that provided excellent market potential and product fit and then develop an ideal market entry. After completing the case, students should be able to analyse different countries quantitatively for international expansion, including various management strategies, as well as explaining various modes of entry suitable for a mobile app firm and understanding how modes of entry change with local requirements.

Ladislav is an experienced lecturer, business consultant, and practitioner. He focuses on strategy and strategy related topics. He is also the academic director of the university’s flagship programme CEMS – Master in International Management. He is passionate about designing strategies and navigating companies in the wild water of future megatrends and uncertainties.

Mohit is a lecturer at the Department of Strategy, University of Economics, Prague. He holds a doctoral degree in international business from Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany. He has done his MBA at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain. His current research interests include internationalization strategy, internationalization of emerging market firms, business models and supply chain management in emerging markets.