Call for papers: Frontiers in Virtual Reality

Marko Orel from the Department of Entrepre­neur­ship have been recently appointed as a guest editor of a research topic at Frontiers in Virtual Reality. The theme of the proposed special issue of Frontiers in Virtual Reality would feature the current challenges of avatar interaction in VR.

Submissions of Original (or Brief) Research, Reviews, and Opinion articles on the following topics are welcome:

  • Advantages and challenges of interaction in virtual reality for a variety of applications (e.g. work and social meetings, entertainment).
  • Design and evaluation of virtual characters in virtual reality (e.g., animation, stylization, perceptual evaluation)
  • Design and evaluation of technological systems and task attributes of virtual environments to sustain the interaction in virtual reality (e.g., haptics, sound, locomotion, collaborative tasks)
  • Methods for measuring and understanding the impact of human factors (e.g., embodiment, plausibility illusion and place illusion) for interaction in virtual reality
  • Theoretical perspective of human interaction in virtual reality

For more details go here.

Deadline for abstracts: 11th September 2020