Alisa Matijević, Peter Keblúšek and Kateřina Vykuková Succeeded with Their Bachelor Theses in the ESOP Competition

The CVV committee has evaluated the nominations for the ESOP competition. Of the nominated bachelor theses, the following were successful:

First place:

  • Alisa Matijević with a thesis “Application of Lean sustainability in the company Loro Oro” (supervisor Ing. Felipe Martínez, Ph.D.)

Joint second and third place:

  • Peter Keblúšek with a thesis “Process improvement in the field of services” (supervisor Ing. Felipe Martínez, Ph.D.)
  • Kateřina Vykuková with a thesis “Factors influencing Czech consumer behavior in the sustainable clothing industry” (supervisor Ing. Marcela Zamazalová, Ph.D.)

The authors of the awarded bachelor theses will be invited to a meeting with the university leadership in autumn 2023, when the award ceremony will take place.