Titulek: CEBR journal (Scopus) – issue I/2019 published online

The issue I/2019 of the scientific Journal CENTRAL EUROPEAN BUSINESS REVIEW (CEBR) has been published.  The CEBR journal is an online peer-reviewed journal focused on strategic business issues with a Central European perspective. The journal has been accepted for inclusion in SCOPUS (Elsevier) as of 2017.

The first issue provides four interesting articles for Central European readers. The first article analyses the technical efficiency of enterprises producing wine in the Czech Republic in the context of provided subsidies. The second article focuses on relevant brand value sources which are significant for the Slovak Republic and to propose an effective and innovative model of brand value and management. The third article investigates whether user experience might influence IT reliability in organisations in Poland and USA. The fourth article contains a discussion about current trends in workplace health management systems. All articles are available at https://cebr.vse.cz/current_issue.php.