Rules for funding attendance at prestigious conferences

The faculty (co-)finances only active conference participation (i.e., a presentation of your own research; with a dedication only to our faculty). The whole trip is (co-)funded (i.e., registration fees, travel, accommodation, insurance, and meals, but not allowance (“kapesné”)) only for conferences included on the list of recommended prestigious conferences. This list was created in collaboration with department chairs. If you think that a prestigious conference is missing from the list, please initiate its addition with the department chair. However, the general rule is that academics should secure travel funds primarily through their own research projects. 

Although disciplinary standards vary, conferences that require a full manuscript and do not publish conference proceedings are generally recommended. The expectation is that the manuscript will subsequently be published in a peer-reviewed journal (i.e., the conference is considered a means of obtaining feedback on the manuscript prior to submission to a journal, not a final publication venue). 

The binding annual limit per academic is 120,000 CZK if the academic has published at least once in a Q1/Q2 journal (as per AIS) in the last five years, and 50,000 CZK otherwise. The limit for PhD students is 80,000 CZK. These limits do not constitute eligibility for funding. The Faculty does not have the resources to fund each academic’s conferences in this amount. If you use up the entire limit, it means that some of your colleagues will not be able to fund their attendance at conferences. Conference funding requests may be denied if the budget allocated for conferences for the year has been exhausted.

Before leaving for a conference

If your manuscript has been accepted for a conference, email the Vice Dean for Research to request funding for this conference. The request must include:

  1. confirmation of acceptance of the manuscript,
  2. an abstract of the manuscript to be presented at the conference, and
  3. an estimated budget.

The budget must be cost-effective: if there is an acceptable cheaper alternative to (shared) accommodation, travel, etc., it should be used. Plan to arrive at the conference venue no sooner than one day before the start and leave no later than one day after the end of the conference.

Once funding is approved, prepare a travel order in collaboration with your department and have it signed by the department chair. If you are not a PhD student or postdoc, please use IP300055 as the source of funding. (Funding arrangements for PhD students and postdocs are handled individually.) Then forward the travel order to the Vice Dean for Research.

Upon return from the conference

Upon your return, in collaboration with your department, prepare a travel voucher and have it signed by your department chair. Then forward the travel order to the Vice Dean for Research.