Basic Information

The organization, coordination and support of research and research related resources are critical components of academia. The aim of the Research Support Center is to provide administrative support for research activities and further stimulate research enterprise culture at the Faculty of Business Administration, Prague University of Economics and Business.

The major activities of the Research Support Center are:

  • Supporting and consulting services for publication activities. These include, in particular:
    • Disseminating information about suitable scientific journals with respect to the area of expertise of individual faculty departments;
    • Support of publication process for excellent research articles, including pre-submission peer-review, English proofreading and methodology advices.
  • Project and grant support, including
    • disseminating research opportunities to faculty members;
    • providing overview on administrative and financial requirements of projects;
    • internal review of grants in preparation.
  • Conducting research relevant training activities.

For more information, contact Ondřej Machek.