Basic information

The Scientific Board is a body of the Faculty of Business Administration of the Prague University of Economics and Business.

Among its core responsibilites and duties, the Scientific Board:

  • Discusses the long-term plan of educational and scientific, research, or other creative activities of the Faculty prepared in accordance with the long-term plan of the Prague University of Economics and Business.
  • Approves study programs to be carried out at the Faculty.
  • Performs activities in the procedures of habilitation and  appointment of professors to the extent stipulated by the University regulations.

The members of the Scientific Council are representatives of the fields in which the Faculty carries out educational and research activities. It is composed of professors, associate professors, members of Faculty management, and business professionals.

The Scientific Council meets at least once per semester. Its members receive the underlying materials no later than one week before the meeting. The minutes of the meetings are published on the faculty website.