Internal grant competition (2022) of the Prague University of Economics and Business

Dear colleagues, especially Ph.D. students,

today the Internal Grant Competition of the University of Economics (IGA) was announced. All conditions, rules and timetable can be found on the relevant website (unfortunately, only in Czech – those who want to apply, please consult with your supervisor or members of the Centre for Science and Research). The final deadline for applications submitted in INSIS is 16 December 2021.
On Nov. 18 between 4:00-5:30 p.m., the Research Club (MST) will host a special lecture/workshop on “Good (and Bad) Practices in IGA Submissions.” Attendance is strongly encouraged for students planning to submit an IGA application.
Also extremely relevant is a document “Recommendations for submitting IGA projects” (on a centre’s web pages) specifying the conditions applicable in our faculty.