7. 6. 2021: Research Club Meeting

Dear colleagues,

It is my pleasure to invite you to the June meeting of the Research Club of the Faculty of Business Administration, which will occur on Monday 07.06. 15:00 PM in MS TEAMS. The whole meeting will be conducted in English. There is no further invitation or link; please come straight to MS TEAMS, room Research Club FPH.


  1. Research strategy of FPH, 10 min, prof. Lukeš, in English.
  2. Title: Research activities on entrepreneurship: from ideas to publishing in international journals. Giuliano Sansone will explain how to find ideas for papers, how to decide the research method, and the publication process. No reading needed, just curiosity 🙂 50 min (incl. Q&As), Dr. Sansone, in English.
  3. How does the infection by Covid-19 and the severity of symptoms influence the attitudes towards government regulations and the pandemic behavior? (Tkacik, M., Frollova, N., Houdek, P. & Say, N.)
    On a pool of more than 23 000 survey respondents, the paper shows how the covid infection and the severity of related symptoms shift the personal attitudes and behavior in the pandemic. Along with the standard statistic evaluation of the questionnaire, we also test out a promising technique – multilevel regression with poststratification and discuss the related benefits (the method will also be briefly presented), 30 min, Ing. Tkačik, in English.


Antecedent Research club: 26.5. at 8:30

Subsequent Research club: 22.6. 2021 at 8:30

All the best

David Anthony Procházka