5. 10. 2020: Research Club Meeting

Dear colleagues,

It is my pleasure to invite you to the next meeting of the Research Club of the Faculty of Business Administration, which will take place on Monday 5.10. 18:00 in RB359. This meeting is crucial for all of us who intend to submit TAČR ÉTA5. At the September meeting, you learned all the important information for the preparation of the project, including examples from ISTA and common mistakes. At the October meeting, there will be a presentation of ALREADY PREPARED projects (i.e. not project ideas). After RC you will have three days to incorporate our comments, 8.10. there is an internal deadline when you should consult the final version of the project proposal with professor Lukeš.

Prepare the presentation for 10 minutes (we expect approx. 5 minutes for our comments). If you are interested in the presentation, please let me know by replying to this e-mail by 2 October. At the same time allow me and Michaela Walterova access to your project proposal in ISTA 5.10. 9:00 the latest so that we can prepare properly for the evening. Only Mrs Hronová should have access to your project in ISTA after your presentation.

In the appendix you will find a short presentation from the September RC and a tool for calculations of salaries. Before the presentation, Michaela Walterová will be happy to discuss the specifics of salaries in individual projects, write to her at michaela.walterova [at] vse.cz and make an appointment before the October presentation, if you need to.
It is the last TAČR ÉTA call.

David Anthony Procházka