26. 5. 2021: Research Club Meeting

Dear colleagues,

It is my pleasure to invite you to the next meeting of the Research Club of the Faculty of Business Administration, which will occur on Wednesday 26.05.2021, 8:30 – 10:00 AM in MS TEAMS. There is no further invitation or link; please come straight to MS TEAMS, room Research Club FPH.

The time was chosen to benefit those who claimed they could not participate in the afternoons; the next meeting on 7.6.2021 will be held in the afternoon, at 3 PM, and 22.6.2021 at 8:30 again; you will receive the separate invitations soon (just letting you know in advance).


  1. Born on the first of April: The changes in the birth grant and its effect on the duration of the pregnancy (Tkacik, M. & Houdek, P.)
    The paper will present robust evidence on how economic incentives can influence the timing of births. The presentation includes a short and accessible introduction to the fixed-effects regression model, which the participants might find helpful for their research agenda (primarily aimed at Ph.D. students). 30 min, Ing. Tkačik, in English
  2. TAČR DOPRAVA 2020+ Short presentation of the main aims and changes from the previous year 10 min, Dr. Procházka, in Czech (in English if there is a serious intention to apply – the application, however, is in Czech)
  3. Presentation of prepared DOPRAVA 2020+ grant application. 30 min, Dr. Sieber and Dr. Procházka, in Czech (showing the respective sections in ISTA)
  4. (possible slot for the presentation of the DOPRAVA 2020+ project (let us know if you have the intention to apply, wish to present it, and receive feedback)

All the best

David Anthony Procházka