17. 9. 2019: Workshop „CEO satisfaction and SME innovation: Unveiling the role of family involvement“

Date:  17/09/2019, 9:00-10:00

Room: TBA

Registration: Due to a limited capacity please register here

Teacher: Aliaa El Shoubaki

Description: Family involvement in firms can affect strategic decisions about innovation. The differences in the innovative behaviours of family and nonfamily firms are mostly attributed to socioemotional wealth, which emphasizes the noneconomic goals of family firms. The literature on how family involvement affects firm innovation nevertheless remains inconclusive. In this study, we distinguish the different steps of innovation and use CEO satisfaction with business performance to show that greater family involvement is ultimately good for innovation performance. We examine how CEO satisfaction with business performance affects firm innovation and, in particular, how family involvement affects this relationship. In a sample of 308 Czech SMEs, we used multiple mediation and moderated mediation analyses. The findings revealed that high levels of family involvement enhanced SMEs innovation performance by strengthening the influence of CEO satisfaction on product innovation.